With flip flops, shorts and a jacket you will make your way through many amazing and equally great activities during the fall season. Lasting from September through November this is where the days are filled with blue crystal skies, clear water, fresh air and the changing of the autumn leaves. Early morning is cold a frosty and later afternoon is warm and hot. No matter what activity you choose the days are great, weather is unbeatable, and the fun is endless.

Mountain Biking – (Some Trails Through November 30th)

Golfing – (Through October 31st)

Hiking / Snowshoeing





Ice Skatingmanchester-icecentre.com

Hot Springs

  • Gold Fork Hot Springs (South East of Donnelly)
  • Zimms Hot Springs (about 6 Miles North of New Meadows)
  • Council Mountain Hot Springs
  • Warm Lake Road Hot Springs
  • secesh.net/Burgdorf.htm