4 Reasons You Should Sell Your Home in McCall This Winter

Conventional wisdom suggests that the best time to list a home in McCall is during the spring and summer. But did you know there are several advantages to selling a home during the winter? Check out the following information to see why you just might want to consider listing your home in the off-season.

1) Faster transactions. Title companies, escrow companies, real estate companies, lenders and appraisers tend to be slower in the winter so with fewer transactions going on everyone in the line up will be able to focus more on YOU.

2) Fewer homes on the market. The trend is to take a home off the market during the winter and wait until spring to put it back on. By listing your home during the winter there are typically fewer homes to compete with.

3) Real buyers. If people are out in the cold and snow looking at real estate they typically need to move and are not just looking for fun. Because of this, there are fewer potential buyers looking at your home but those buyers tend to be more serious about getting in to a home fast.

4) Controlled buying for you. Selling your home in the wintertime allows you the ability to sit back and watch the market, enabling you to better control your next home purchase. You are able to see what hits the market and will be ready to buy quickly when you find the new home that is right for you.

So, while winter does not seem like the most logical time to list your home there are definite advantages to doing so. In fact, in recent years, homes listed between December and March have sold faster than homes listed in other months. If you are thinking about putting your home on the market, don’t waste the next few months. Consider listing your home now!