Expected Winter Weather 2017/18 ~ La Niña

La Niña is know as the the “cooler” sibling of the infamous El Niño.  If all the weather forecasts are to be believe it is possible that McCall, Idaho has another amazing snow year this winter.  As one can see from the image below McCall, Idaho and the greater Valley County Idaho is precariously positioned… Read More

Fall Home Maintenance Tips For McCall, Idaho and Other Four Season Areas

            Living in the mountains with 4 very different and distinct seasons comes with some extra care with your home.  With the leaves starting to fall and snow threatening to stick around the time to get some of the “honey do” list completed is shortening.  Although time is slipping away… Read More

5 Quick Home Maintenance Tips For The Fall

Fall Maintenance Checklist For Home In McCall, ID: Life in a four season resort area like McCall, Idaho is amazing.  Watching the leaves change colors, the cool evening breeze gently rolling off of Payette Lake, snow touched mountain peaks, all leading to my happy place; WINTER!  Below are a couple of quick tips and ideas… Read More

Dreaming of McCall Summer Days

In less than two weeks McCall’s famous Winter Carnival will begin. Not only does this mean lots of excitement and a variety of fun things to do, it also marks the middle of winter. This means summer is only 3-4 months away. Wait! What? That means its time to start thinking of lakeside picnics, waterskiing… Read More

Millennials Are In The House…Literally

Millennials, or those born between 1981-1997, are more than a quarter of America’s population. As they come of age, this segment of the population has become the largest new source of homebuyers and renters. A whopping 68% of new home buyers come from this age group. However, while Millennials are key to the future of housing… Read More

Shhhh…McCall Is One Of The Best Secret And Most Affordable Ski Towns

As locals we all know how great the skiing in McCall can be. We eagerly look forward to that first snowfall of the year and the forthcoming accumulation (over 300 inches a year!) that will lead to opening day at our local Brundage Mountain Resort. On any given day, be it a weekend or weekday,… Read More

Home Sales Increase in McCall

Across the nation existing home sales have been steadily increasing in 2015. In fact, according the National Association of Realtors chief economist, Lawrence Yun, the third quarter of 2015 was the best quarter the housing market has seen in nearly a decade. McCall was no exception to this and actually had better than average home… Read More

HOAs and CC&Rs in McCall

When considering a new home purchase in McCall or Valley County make sure you ask your realtor about HOAs and CC&Rs. Educating yourself about Home Owner’s Associations, and the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions that go along with it, before making an offer on a home will save yourself potential problems and conflicts down the road…. Read More

Winterizing Your McCall Vacation Home

McCall is a beautiful place to have a vacation home, particularly because we are lucky enough to enjoy four distinct seasons in this mountain retreat. However, with one of these seasons being winter, if you find that your vacation home sits vacant for several weeks at a time there are certain measures to take to… Read More

McCall, The Most Romantic Idaho Getaway

This month HuffPost released an article with the most romantic getaway in every state and, wouldn’t you know, McCall is listed as the most romantic getaway in Idaho. We couldn’t agree more! McCall is an amazingly romantic place year round, but in the fall love is just in the air. For those of you who… Read More