Easy Market Ready Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is everything when selling your home. No amount of upgrades or remodeling on the inside of your home will make up for a neglected exterior. Follow these simple, inexpensive tips to welcome buyers to your market-ready home.

1. Paint the front door. The front door is your home’s focal point and may be the first thing buyers notice as they pull up. Repaint the door using a rich contrasting or complementing color. In addition, replace the hardware and consider adding a knocker or seasonal item, such as a wreath. If your front door is wood, consider sanding and redoing the finish.

2. Take a look at the garage door and trim. Freshen up both with a new coat of paint if needed.

3. Pressure wash the exterior. McCall is a dusty place and while you may not notice the dust on your house, you’ll be amazed at the difference a nice wash down will make. Be sure to include the windows, driveway if paved and sidewalks if you have them.

4. Make minor updates to the landscaping. For a fresh, revived look add a pop of color to your yard with a variety of seasonal flowers and think about adding a stone border to spruce it up a notch. Container plants work well on the porch, on the sides of the garage or lining the driveway. Get rid of the weeds and consider adding fresh mulch to garden beds. Check out the difference a little landscaping made on this project: http://www.today.com/home/4-diy-projects-boost-your-homes-curb-appeal-t28431

5. Take a good, hard look. After taking the above steps spend a bit of time looking around the front of your home.  Are your house numbers visible?  How is your lighting?  Do your gutters need a good cleaning?  Are your front steps, walkway, or porch in disrepair? If so, time to update or fix them. A little effort goes a long way in attracting buys to look at your house.

Haden Tanner at the McCall Real Estate Company is plugged in to the local market and can help you make a list of easy steps to take to enhance your home’s curb appeal before it hits the market. If you are thinking of listing your home, call Haden today at (208) 315-2242.