HOAs and CC&Rs in McCall

When considering a new home purchase in McCall or Valley County make sure you ask your realtor about HOAs and CC&Rs. Educating yourself about Home Owner’s Associations, and the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions that go along with it, before making an offer on a home will save yourself potential problems and conflicts down the road.

While some neighborhoods in McCall do not have HOAs, such as Warren Wagon and Rio Vista, there are many that do. And if you purchase a home or land in a community with an HOA, like Whitetail, Jug Mountain Ranch or River’s Crossing, be prepared to follow the rules and pay the required dues or assessments. Before making an offer on a home in an area with an HOA determine whether or not you can live by the rules and are okay with the additional monthly or yearly costs. If you are a real gung-ho property-rights kind of person, where nobody can tell you what to do with your own property, living in a community with an HOA may not be for you. If you can appreciate that rules are in place to keep your neighborhood looking its best and assessments to run amenities, living in a community with an HOA is for you.

Most HOAs in McCall are run by a group of volunteers that are voted in by the community. Keep in mind that all associations are different as each community has different needs. Several HOA communities in McCall have special amenities that require upkeep and the funds to do so. These amenities, whether it is a swimming pool, tennis courts, common space, playgrounds or snow removal, can be a great perk for your family and a potential selling point for future buyers.

However, since HOAs make and enforce the community rules, it’s smart to understand what you are getting into before making an offer on a home in an HOA community. Often, title companies will not have copies of the CC&Rs affecting the property until the day of closing, and they are frequently overlooked at that point. As your realtor, Haden Tanner can provide you with and help you understand and the CC&Rs ahead of time so you know exactly what to expect.

One more thing…it is also important to realize that even if you don’t have an HOA, there is no such thing as truly private property. No property exists that is completely unencumbered, whether it’s a taxing authority, like a city or county, or a water district, or easements, or utilities, somebody out there has some kind of claim to your property. As an experienced realtor, Haden Tanner will help you understand exactly what you are getting into before you buy, HOA or not.