Inexpensive Ways to Increase Your McCall Home’s Value

So you are ready to sell your home but are wondering what to do to compete in McCall’s competitive market. Along with choosing a professional realtor like Haden Tanner to help price, list and sell your home, try a few of these inexpensive strategic improvements to increase your home’s value. You won’t want to spend too much, because you’re unlikely to get it back. But you also need to make upgrades that will help your property look its best. A general rule of thumb is to spend one to two percent of your home’s value.


For a few hundred dollars, you can replace the kitchen faucet set, add new cabinet door handles and update old lighting fixtures with brighter, more energy-efficient ones. Take it one step further by stripping and re-staining or painting the cabinets. Because we live in the mountains of McCall, a light cabin touch in the kitchen can be a fun addition, even for those not going for the cabin feel.


Easy fixes here include cleaning the grout and updating the faucet and hardware. Get rid of any rust or hard water stains and apply fresh caulk around the tub and sink. If the toilet is really old, consider installing a new low-flush toilet or at the very least replace the toilet seat with a new one.

Living Areas

A fresh coat of paint on the front door is a quick, easy way to boost your home’s appeal. Include new door hardware and you’ll impress buyers before they get inside. New paint indoors (a neutral color of course) will make everything seem bright and clean. And for an updated look, try painting the trim a contrasting color. Freshen up your windows by buying some inexpensive new curtains, or have your current window coverings cleaned. Exchange the old cabin-style plaid drapes for something more modernly “mountain-chic”. If your door handles are out dated, replace them throughout the house. And don’t forget to have your carpets and wood floors professionally cleaned.

Curb Appeal

If buyers aren’t impressed when they drive by your home, they may not make it inside. Keep your yard looking neat at all times. Because many McCall homes do not have traditional landscaping this may mean going beyond keeping it weeded and freshly mowed. Keep pine needles raked up, plant some new bushes with color in key spots and make sure current landscaping is pruned. Replacing outdoor lighting is another inexpensive upgrade that will attract buyers. Rustic outdoor sconces are a popular choice for McCall homes.

Ultimately it’s a good idea to get impartial advice from a friend or enlist the help of your trusted real estate professional to consult on what changes to make. Investing just a little money in a few places will ensure you get the best price for your house.