Selling your home, putting your best foot forward

The Art of Creating a Compelling Property Flyer

IMG_5886HDRA beautiful flyer can attract potential buyers.  And a drab creation can repel people from even looking at your property. There is a true art to creating an effective flyer.  The goal is to create a flyer that will draw the eye away from the 20 or so other flyers hanging on the wall.  You want a flyer of your property that immediately grabs the attention and imagination of a potential buyer.   The flyer you create needs to give the buyer an immediate emotional response.  After all you are selling them their dream home. 

Just as a work of art has balance and composition, so must your flyer.  We need to stop thinking of property flyers as just a list of information.  Each flyer is a piece of graphic art.  And with this mind we can use some principals that graphic artists use when creating brochures.  

  • Put Your Readers First – Design for the home buyer.
  • Keep it Simple – Give brief descriptions.  Buyers won’t take the time to read everything.  They are just looking to see how many things the property has that can be checked off their list of wants or must haves.
  • Convey a Good Impression – Have a theme that fits the message you are conveying to the potential buyers. Keep in mind that you are selling a lifestyle.  Each home offers a different life experience for those who live there.   A house on the water can be themed “Life’s a Beach”.  A house on a mountain top, “ If you are lucky enough to live in the mountains  you are lucky enough.” A garden cottage, “Life begins in the garden.   Write a short personal message.  Remember you are creating an emotional response.  You want the potential buyer to feel your enthusiasm and adoration for the property.
  • “A photo is worth a 1000 Words” – Each flyer needs beautiful photos of the home.  These shots can sell the dream.  The photos you choose should enhance your message and pull your theme together.

Be creative, be consistent, and when you come up with a flyer template that works for you can reuse the formula over and over again.  Remember that selling a home and buying a home is based on an emotions.  If you can reach a person on an emotional level with your flyers you will show more homes, sell more homes, and help people find their dream home.