Selling Your House in McCall? Don’t Make These Staging Mistakes!

Drop Your Personal Style

Well, maybe don’t drop it altogether, but keep your unique personal style on the down low. You’ll want to stick to neutrals in order to enable buyers to picture themselves making your home their own. It needs not be sterile, however, so throw in a few pops of color or art as long as it’s not too distracting.

Don’t Ignore Dirt and Clutter

It’s funny how immune we become to our own dirt and clutter. When showing your home keep even your closets clean, organized and clutter free. Buyers will be looking in drawers and closets and an unorganized mess is a turnoff. The same goes for dirt, smudges and grime throughout your house. We recommend taking a look at your house from an outsider’s perspective. If that’s hard to do, enlist the help of someone else. Invest in a professional cleaning service before open houses and showings. While a dirty, cluttered house may not be a deal breaker, it may be the distraction that sways buyers in favor of another property.

Regulate the Heat During Showings

Whether buyers are stepping in from the winter chill or a hot and humid summer day, they want to feel a sense of — “Ahh” — comfort and relief when they enter your home. Make sure you crank up the heat or AC a few hours before a showing. It’s impossible for buyers to fully appreciate the great features of the home if they ditch out early because they’re distracted by their own shivering…or sweating.

Air It Out

Buyers will be using ALL of their senses to asses a home, and the sense of smell should not be overlooked. Buyers do not want to smell your dog or that delicious Indian meal you cooked the night before. Don’t assume that Glade PlugIn will mask “your” smells, make sure to air out your home before a showing and take care not to conjure up strong smells while your house is on the market.

Spend Money Where It Counts

Your home probably doesn’t need a complete overhaul to make it a desirable listing. You can, however, add some important updates without breaking the bank. Small investments can include a new coat of paint, new cabinet hardware, or updating a few key lighting fixtures. Larger investments include new kitchen appliances or new siding. After selling hundreds of homes, I’m happy to help recommend places to put your money that will make the biggest impact on getting more for your home. Call me today at (208) 315-2242.