Spring in McCall Makes Us a Little Crazy

Every spring the locals come out from a long winter of hibernating to party like rock stars at Brundage Mountain’s Annual Crazy Daze.  It is our excuse to break out the 80’s ski gear and celebrate surviving another long snowy winter.

Just to remind us that even though the calendar may say it is spring, Mother Nature delivered 6” of fresh powder this year.  This is not unusual for this event.  Only 2 out of the last 6 years have been sunny. This year’s snow fall did not deter the brave (or some would say crazy) people from hitting the slopes and the pond.  The highlight of Crazy Daze is the pond skimming.  Pond Skimming is skiing or boarding down the face of the mountain hitting an entry ramp at full speed into an ice cold manmade pond.  With much luck you will water ski across the pond and make  it to the other side dry.    If you happen to make it across once, they make you start your next run a little further down the hill, until no one is left standing or dry.

For those of you are not crazy enough to hurl yourself down a mountain and into a semi frozen pond, Brundage offers activities such as poker run, kid’s piñata party, costume contests, treasure hunts, and live music.  No matter the weather this annual spring celebration is always a fun event and a big hit for the whole family.

Photos Courtesy of April Whitney Communications Director at  Brundage Mountain Resort