Top 5 Reasons to Build Your Dream Home in McCall

Valley County and the rest of Idaho are going through a bit of a home inventory shortage.  There are not a lot of homes on the market right now, but the market has an inventory of lots for sale.  Valley Country has some beautiful pieces of property for sale to build your dream home on.  Home buyers should not overlook to possibility of building a new home. There are many advantages to building a new home vs. buying a resale home.  Here are our top 5 reasons to build your dream home.

Customize and Personalize your Living Space.

Architects and builders can help guide you through the process to help you create a living space that is tailored to your family’s needs, taste, and lifestyle.  Building offers you the luxury and control to choose your own design elements such as flooring, counters, paint, and cabinetry.

Energy Efficiency  and Safety

In 2009, the most recent International Energy Conversation Code came out and required new home construction to be 17% more energy efficient the codes of three prior years.  This change has helped improve the building envelope.  New homes are tighter sealed, using higher efficiency insulation, doors, and windows. Keeping homes warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.  The operating systems are also more energy efficient in brand new homes.  Newly build houses have high efficiency stoves, fridges, washers, driers, water heaters, furnaces, and air conditioning units.  All of this will lead to lower utilities bills for the home owner.

With a new home you can be assured that your family will be living in a safer environment.  Older homes can have outdated electrical wiring, lead pipes, lead based paints, and can even have asbestos insulation.  New construction homes have hardwired smoke detectors, with battery backup and more electrical outlets to prevent overloading.

Less Maintenance and Fewer Repairs

Nothing is in need of immediate repair or maintenance when you move into your brand new home.  Homes are being built today with siding, trim, and decking that doesn’t need yearly painting or staining.  Roofing materials are thicker and made to last longer than materials of the past.  Your new home has not with stood time and wear and tear.   New Construction homes are usually protected by a builder’s one year warranty and those brand new appliances are also under warranty. This can give you piece of mind that you will not get in a resale home.

Resale Value

We all want our investments to hold its value or gain in value with time.  A new home usually sells higher per square foot then the resale home due to the fact that a new home meets today’s higher building standards and codes.

All About the New

We all love the smell of a brand new car…now imagine the fresh new smell of a brand new house.  Imagine yourself being the first person to walk on your new floors, shower in your new bathroom, and cook a meal for your family in your new kitchen.

Source 9 Reasons to Buy a Newly Built Home