Why You Should Consider a Video Tour of Your Home

Millennials, that’s why. Generation Y has entered the home buying market and research shows that this segment of society is more likely to use video in making purchasing decisions. According to the Real Estate Book, compared to baby boomers, millennials are 150 percent more likely to comparison shop with video while shopping for a home.

With digital video becoming the norm real estate professionals and sellers are beginning to see the benefits of using video to sell homes. A well-done multimedia property presentation can clearly communicate the “wow factor” of a home by bringing a prospective buyer into the home and walking them through it from your perspective, highlighting your favorite aspects of the property. Further, rather than taking just one appointment at a time, hundreds of people can look at the house simultaneously online. A neighborhood guide can also be included in a video tour to give buyers a better idea of the big picture. To really make an impression, aerial drone footage of the lot and neighboring area can be included.

As your realtor, Haden Tanner will work with you on creating a video to showcase your home. The key to a great video is to keep it short and sweet. Start by properly staging your home and include simple panning shots of the exterior and interior of the home. Buyers will get to see a lot more than they would with an online photo gallery, and you get a much better sense of the layout and natural light in the home. Upbeat music and text overlays are a popular choice over speaking and appearing in video, but either option will work.

In today’s digital world, make sure you are marketing using as many tools as possible in order to reach as many potential buyers as you can. Call Haden today to get started on a true showcase of your home.

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