Winterizing Your McCall Vacation Home

McCall is a beautiful place to have a vacation home, particularly because we are lucky enough to enjoy four distinct seasons in this mountain retreat. However, with one of these seasons being winter, if you find that your vacation home sits vacant for several weeks at a time there are certain measures to take to ensure your home is protected.

From May to October, your house is most likely safe from any freezing spells that will affect your plumbing. But, if you find yourself away from your home between November and April, and you don’t want to keep your thermostat set at 50 degrees or more, call in a plumber to winterize your pipes. This is something you can do yourself but it may be best to hire a plumber and ask him to walk you through the process the first time. During this process the electricity will be cut to the water system and water heaters. Everything interior and exterior will be drained and a compressor is connected to the system to blow any remaining water out. Lastly, toilet bowls, P traps and the dishwasher and washing machine are filled with non-toxic antifreeze (the kind used in boats and RVs).

In addition to winterizing your plumbing, remove anything touching the exterior of the house like leaves and firewood. Water and insects can accumulate in firewood and debris, causing damage to the siding and leading to potential infestations. If you hire a landscaping company to do a fall cleanup, request that this is part of the job. Many McCall property management and landscaping companies offer fall cleanup and house winterization services. A fall cleanup will also include winterizing plants and clearing fall leaves, pine needles and any other yard debris. Make sure you ask them to close any openings into the house such as dryer vents and chimneys to prevent any critters from taking up shop while you are gone.

McCall is a relatively safe town but it is always a good idea to make your house look occupied. Hire a snow removal company to keep walks and driveways cleared and put timers on a few key lights in the house.

Even with taking the above precautions, your vacation home still needs regular care and attention. It is a good idea to have a property management company check on the house every week or two to make sure the house is being left alone and no problems, such as ice dams or broken tree limbs, are negatively affecting your property. As a local realtor in the know, Haden Tanner is happy to recommend property managers or landscaping companies to fit your needs and help protect your home while you are away.