You and Your Agent: The Final Walk-Through in McCall

You’ve made your offer in McCall. It’s been accepted. All the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed with your lending and it’s time to do the final walk-through. As you and your agent prepare to meet and complete this final step, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Timing. If possible, always do your final walk-through after the sellers have moved, but before you go to closing. This should occur no more than a week before closing, with the day of closing often the best time for this inspection.

Documentation. Have your contract, inspection report and any seller disclosures handy when walking through the home. These documents will help you determine if any new issues developed after the inspection, and which repairs, if any, were included in the agreement.

Repairs. Ideally, you should verify that repairs have been made as soon as the seller’s real estate agent notifies your agent they are complete, and not at the final walk-through. It’s a good idea to ask for copies of receipts for any repairs the sellers paid for.

Interior. Inside the home, test the heating and air conditioning systems and all appliances included in the contract. Turn on and off all lights, both inside and outside, and check the temperature and water pressure for all faucets. Remember to flush toilets to ensure there are no drips or leaks. Be sure to ask for working keys to every door, alarm codes, garage openers and any appliance or system manuals. Check for any floor or wall scrapes that may have occurred as the sellers moved out.

Exterior. Spend some time assessing the landscape and grounds, as well as confirming that all doors and windows not only open and close properly, but are also secure. If you asked for items to be removed, make sure that they are gone.

If the condition of the home has changed since your offer to purchase it was accepted, you will be in a better position to get the problems handled by bringing them to everyone’s attention before the deed changes hands. Your realtor can help you consider whether the problem is worth disrupting your settlement. With the endless number of scenarios that surround last-minute issues, it’s just one more reason to use Haden Tanner as your experienced real estate professional.