Riverfront Townhomes, Blackhawk on the River

The Bend at Blackhawk is designed for those interested in worry free, sensible destination home ownership in a conservation oriented, naturally stunning, riverfront community. The Bend is comprised of 12 fully appointed timber frame residences overlooking The Payette River in the Blackhawk on the River community located 10 minutes from McCall Idaho. Ownership includes a one-eighth undivided, deeded interest in a Bend residence, homeowner services, Blackhawk on the River community and surrounding area amenities.

Each of the Club’s 12 elegant yet rustic residences boasts 2800 square feet of handsomely furnished living space with careful attention to the integration of local artisan’s craftsmanship and flavor. Residences feature three-bedrooms, a flex den, three and one-half bathrooms, offer Payette River views and are located a short distance from the River Lodge.

Crafted from local reclaimed timbers, residences feature covered wood porches, indoor and outdoor stone fireplaces, rough-sawn reclaimed floors and exposed timber support beams. Interior spaces are designed in an open concept with spacious dimensions and 20 ft high ceilings.

Homes have been carefully and thoughtfully designed by internationally acclaimed architect Wayne Ruemele of Epikos Design Inc. They embrace a “rustic Idaho” theme with interior fixtures and decor hand picked by Trillium Design. They are some of the most unique pieces of real estate in McCall Idaho.

Features include:

  • 2800 square feet of living space;
  • Two Private master suites;
  • Oversized attached single car garage;
  • Mountain & river views;
  • Hand selected exposed timbers;
  • Two full, spa-style, master bathrooms;
  • Walnut, hardwood floors in the entry and kitchen;
  • Fully and elegantly furnished to include local artisan accents and art work specifically designed for The Bend;
  • Smart home technology and surround sound theatre room;
  • State of the art gourmet kitchens with direct views of the Payette River;
  • Custom designed entertainment bar with bar stools;
  • Timber accented interior gas fireplace in the Great Room;
  • Covered outdoor entertainment & barbecue kitchen space
  • Outdoor warming area and wood fireplace;
  • Slab granite counter tops in kitchens;
  • Imported pedestal style hand chiseled sink bowl in baths;
  • Large recreation room.

Retire to the Mountains of McCall

Retire in McCallWho says retirement is the time to slow down?  Most retirees these days are looking for a place to spend their days recreating, socializing, and being an integral part of their communities.  Recently, our beautiful town of McCall was featured in Where to Retire Magazine.  It was a wonderful article featuring several couples who have chosen McCall for retirement.  http://www.wheretoretire.com/

According to USA Today, Retirees more than ever before are looking for an active community.  A community that offers opportunities for volunteering, keeping fit, a wonderful arts & continuing education programs.  They are looking for places that have a rich arts and humanities scene, beautiful scenery, and ample ways to be involved.  As a society we are far more active than our parents where at retirement age.  To find a city that offers plenty to do on a fixed income, a positive quality of life, and a low cost of living is the goal of most retirees. 

McCall, Idaho has a ton of ways to get involved.  There is something for everyone.

  • Alpine Playhouse
  • McCall Arts & Humanities Council
  • Kit Worthington Foundation for the Arts
  • McCall Folklore Society
  • McCall Curling Club
  • Payette Lakes Ski Club – Little Hill
  • Snowden Wildlife Sanctuary
  • American Legion
  • McCall Rotary International
  • McPaws Animal Shelter
  • Awesome Adaptive Wilderness Sports
  • Friends of Kelly’s White Water
  • Friends of the Payette Avalanche Center
  • Friends of McCall Library
  • Heartland Hunger & Resource Center
  • Central Idaho Mountain Biking Association
  • McCall Hiking Club
  • University of Idaho – McCall Outdoor Science School
  • McCall College

This list is just the tip of the ice berg of non-profits and groups.  There is also 3 ski resorts, miles of Nordic skiing, hiking, and biking trails, several golf courses, and countless lakes, rivers, and streams for fishing.  If you are looking to be active and spend lots of time outdoors McCall is the place for you.  As the saying goes….We live where you vacation.  So come live the vacation life style everyday.

Valley County Real Estate Overview 2014

State of Market in Valley County


Good things are happening in the Valley County real estate market this year:

  • The median prices for home are getting higher
  • There are drastically fewer banked owned and short sale properties on the market.
  • The majority of the sales are to users not investors.  Users are people planning to live in the home.
  • The days that a home sits on the market are getting fewer.
  • Active inventory of homes has decreased
  • What does this all mean?

In a nut shell…these factors help to create a more stable housing market.  When homes are being bought to live in rather than just for investments the value of homes in that area have greater appreciation.  As a home owner, we want our houses value to increase over time.  Just a few years ago this was not the case for some home owners. 

Selling your home, putting your best foot forward

The Art of Creating a Compelling Property Flyer

IMG_5886HDRA beautiful flyer can attract potential buyers.  And a drab creation can repel people from even looking at your property. There is a true art to creating an effective flyer.  The goal is to create a flyer that will draw the eye away from the 20 or so other flyers hanging on the wall.  You want a flyer of your property that immediately grabs the attention and imagination of a potential buyer.   The flyer you create needs to give the buyer an immediate emotional response.  After all you are selling them their dream home. 

Just as a work of art has balance and composition, so must your flyer.  We need to stop thinking of property flyers as just a list of information.  Each flyer is a piece of graphic art.  And with this mind we can use some principals that graphic artists use when creating brochures.  

  • Put Your Readers First – Design for the home buyer.
  • Keep it Simple – Give brief descriptions.  Buyers won’t take the time to read everything.  They are just looking to see how many things the property has that can be checked off their list of wants or must haves.
  • Convey a Good Impression – Have a theme that fits the message you are conveying to the potential buyers. Keep in mind that you are selling a lifestyle.  Each home offers a different life experience for those who live there.   A house on the water can be themed “Life’s a Beach”.  A house on a mountain top, “ If you are lucky enough to live in the mountains  you are lucky enough.” A garden cottage, “Life begins in the garden.   Write a short personal message.  Remember you are creating an emotional response.  You want the potential buyer to feel your enthusiasm and adoration for the property.
  • “A photo is worth a 1000 Words” – Each flyer needs beautiful photos of the home.  These shots can sell the dream.  The photos you choose should enhance your message and pull your theme together.

Be creative, be consistent, and when you come up with a flyer template that works for you can reuse the formula over and over again.  Remember that selling a home and buying a home is based on an emotions.  If you can reach a person on an emotional level with your flyers you will show more homes, sell more homes, and help people find their dream home.

McCall, laid back style and affordable living

Affordable Ski Town Living found in McCall

If you like to ski in the winter and wake board in the summer, you might enjoy a house in a resort town.  You don’t need to filthy, stinking rich enough to buy in Snowmass Village where the average median list price is $1,104,354 or in Aspen for $2,316,250 .  Just maybe you’re rich, but a total cheapskate. Have we got the place for you?  


mccallThe Western Mountain Resort Alliance or WWMRA did a study in 2013.  They researched resort town to find the top most affordable ski towns to buy a home in.  

Their top picks just using median price of single family homes were; Park City: $415,000, Whistler, BC: $640,000, Sun Valley: $302,500, Vail: $415,000, Lake Tahoe: $233,000.  One Idaho resort town made the list, but ours is now where to be found.  So I decided to do my own comparison.   The 2013 median price of single family homes in and around Valley County are as follows; Tamarack: $425,000.00, McCall:  $255,000.00, New Meadows: $141,750.00, Donnelly: $139,500.00,  Cascade: $125,000.00, and down by the mighty Salmon River in Riggins: $95,000.00.  As you can see, some areas match up pretty well to our counter parts and some areas are significantly lower in price.  There is a price range for every budget here in the West Central Mountains.  

These numbers are very good across the board for homeowners looking to sell, and to buyers looking for a new home.  The prices have bounced back to healthy pre-bubble levels. According to The S&P/Case-Shiller home price index the median home price rose 12.1% in 2013.  

Now is the time to find your oasis in the mountains. Sure McCall isn’t quite as sexy as Vail, or swanky as Sun Valley, but we sport an accessible laid back style that those other places can’t compete with. Come see what you’re missing, you might never want to leave.

Home Sweet Vacation Home

Have you thought about owning a second home in the mountains? Have you been day dreaming about cozy winter nights in your cabin in the woods, or splashing around in the river outside your back door?

It is estimated that nearly 10% of homes in the USA are second homes, that percentage goes up in resort towns like McCall. Buying a vacation home is a very big step and for most it is going to be as valuable of an investment as your primary residence.

When thinking about purchasing a vacation home, remember that everything doubles. You will have two mortgages, two property tax bills, water bills, electric bills, etc. Owning two homes also means more maintenance costs. But with all these added expenses and worries, also comes the source of relaxation, a place for your family and friends to gather, a place to recreate, a place to meet new friends, and it can one day be a place to retire to.

The trend of second homeownership is showing signs of growth again. As people age, they are much more active than their parents were. And they continue to seek new sports and adventures. If you are in the market for new adventures and are looking for the perfect vacation retreat. We hope that we can help you get started with these helpful hints.


Is it Mountain Views, or water views that you most desire? Are you looking to be in the heart of the resort town or on the outskirts with more room to roam? Is your dream home a rustic cabin in the woods, or a condo on the golf course?

How much are you willing to spend?

Prices vary greatly, even in the McCall area. Prices in McCall are higher than they are in Cascade or Donnelly. Check out current mortgage rates to get an idea of what your payments could be. And get in the car and go explore. Spend some weekends in your favorite locations, and get to know the communities a little better.

Find a great real estate agent.

This is the most important step in finding your dream vacation home. A good agent knows their communities. They can help you find the right property for your needs and desires. They can help you with everything from where to obtain boating permits to knowing all the kids programs in town. They can even help you determine rental prices if you want to rent your home out.

Take time.

Don’t rush into buying a second home. Think about your long term plans for the property. Do you wish to retire there one day or is it just a short term investment. Because a trailer on the river may look appealing today but when you staring down spending the rest of your life there it may not look so cool and inviting.

Downtown McCall, Lakefront

149 E. lake street | McCall, Idaho | reserve: $1,000,000

Property now under contract.  If you have any questions please contact Haden Tanner.

In the heart of McCall is the Central Business District (CBD).  This is where tourist can shop, eat and play on the lake.  The beauty of McCall and Payette Lake drew attention from Hollywood in 1938 when it was selected as the filming location for the Academy Award-nominated Northwest Passage, starring Spencer Tracy, Robert Young, and Walter Brennan.

On May 28, via a Sealed Bid Auction, the last vacant .936 acre commercial development site with approximately 147′ of water frontage will be sold to the highest bidder over $1,000,000.  This site had been previously listed at $2.7MM.


Wednesday May, 21st at McCall Real Estate Company, 301 E. Lake St



All bids must be received by 3pm P.S.T. May 28, 2014 at Accelerated Marketing Group, Inc.
Haden Tanner


Riverfront lots, Blackhawk on the River

These riverfront home sites are the best Blackhawk has to offer. Situated along the banks of the Payette River, both homesites Lot 123 (.58) and Lot 124 (.48)  feature a beautiful riverfront setting with views of the mountain ranges beyond. Flanked on one side by protected open space, a river at your back door and only a minute’s walk to the Fishing Grotto, this home site is sure to end your search for the perfect mountain retreat. One of the last river front home sites available along the beautiful Payette River at Blackhawk!  Don’t let this once in a lifetime opportunity pass you by!

Buying a home, making an offer that can’t be refused

Making an offer that can’t be refused.

Buying a homeBuying and selling a home is a very emotional transaction. Your heart is more involved sometimes than your head when it comes to your home. When you walk into a house, and you immediately just know that it’s the place where your family belongs. You can already see yourself making breakfast for the kids, playing catch in the yard, and snuggling by the fire on a cold’s winter’s night. This sentimental reaction to a home can be lead to heart break if your offer is not accepted by the seller. All the seller has to do is say no and your heart breaks and your daydreams are shattered. With McCall’s tight housing inventory, you can expect multiple offers of each home. It is more important than ever to make sure your offer stands the best chance at acceptance.

The idea is to make your offer seem like the most accommodating and reasonable. A smart buyer will have their agent do some homework to find out if the seller has any specific requirements or special conditions. It is in your best interest to comply with any of these demands. Meeting the needs of the seller is a sure way to make sure your offer stands out.

A low ball offer may not seem very reasonable to the seller and may in fact come across as insulting. Keep in mind that just like you the seller has an emotional attachment to the house. This attachment may be reflected in the asking price. And if the price you offer doesn’t seem fair or adequate your offer will instantly be rejected. Remember, that sellers are not required to respond to offers that fall below the asking price. If you throw a low ball, be prepared to be ejected from the game. The seller isn’t going to waste any time making you a counter offer. With the current housing market you can bet that someone else loves the house just as much as you do and is willing to offer the asking price.

Other ways to make sure your offer shines.

Have a solid pre-approved letter from you lender and be flexible with the terms. And choose a realtor that is not only knowledgeable but is also professional and friendly. Selling and buying agents must have good communication skills and be able to negotiate a client’s needs in a positive manner.

Following these simple guidelines can give you a positive outcome when making an offer on your new home.

Selling Real Estate, Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal is Your Home’s First Impression

McCall's Base CampThe snow is melting in McCall and with every inch it recedes it leaves us a little more to clean up.  Living in the high country we get the winter off from maintaining our yards and exteriors of our homes.  During the winter our home improvement projects get buried in the snow and we get to pretend all is good with our yards.  But in the spring all is revealed to us and we can no longer bury our heads in the snow.   Spring is time for cleaning and time to put our homes on the market.  Summer in the high country is home selling and buying season.  

You house’s curb appeal will either invite potential buyers in or send them running to another home. We clean our houses interiors on a regular basis, think of your  yard as a just another living space to clean.  For most of us sprucing up our homes curb appeal is just a matter of cleaning up after a long winter.  

Here are some simple chores to add to your spring cleaning list to improve your home’s curb appeal.

Wash the windows.  The windows are the homes eyes to the world.  Make sure they are crystal clear and sparkly clean.

Clean up the landscape.  Make sure all flower beds are fresh and clean. Prune old growth, pull weeds, plant some new flowers, and add new mulch to restore color and add nutrients to the soil.  This will ensure the perennials will come back to life healthy and happy.  Lawns should be mowed, no doggie surprises should be present, and keep all yard tools including hoses in their proper places. 

Keep your kids toys picked up and put away.  When a yard is clear of toys and clutter, a potential buyer will think that you have lots of storage

Dress up the entry way. Our homes entry ways should reflect our homes interiors.  Your can update and brighten your entry way with a bright colored door, new hardware, new lighting, or a new custom wood door. Another way to make your entry way more appealing is to create perfect symmetry. Symmetry is very pleasing to the eye and is easy to achieve.  Symmetrical composition of light fixtures or potted plants can create a welcoming entry way.

Freshen up the trim.  If you don’t have the time to re-paint your whole house, a fresh coat of paint on the trim will brighten the whole home.  

Re-stain the fences, deck, and wood walk ways.  Our harsh winters make our decks look drab.  Adding a fresh stain adds rich warm tones back into the wood and protects your wood work from weather.  

“You’ll never get a second chance to give a first good impression.”

This is especially true for real estate.  A potential buyer might just drive right past your home if they think it looks unmaintained.  It’s not just about making your home look good, it’s about giving people the assurance that your home is maintained and not in ill repair.  With spring slowing waking up and the snow beginning to melt away, it’s time to get out there and get your hands dirty tackling those much forgotten outdoor chores.  Happy Spring Cleaning Everyone.