Sell Faster with Seasonal Staging

We’ve discussed getting your home ready to sell with these indoor staging tips and outdoor staging tips, but depending on the time of year, seasonal home staging can better your chances of attracting buyers. Home staging during cold winter months is different than staging in the summer, and with some seasonal staging tips you can make the most of your home no matter what time of year it is. Keep in mind that the number one year-round staging tip is decluttering. According to experts at HGTV, professional stagers typically rid a home of half of its contents to make it appear bigger! So, once you’ve decluttered consider the following seasonal staging tips.


As the weather begins to cool down and the days get shorter, you want your McCall home to feel warm and cozy. On chilly days, consider lighting a small fire in your woodstove, or turn up your thermostat. Also, with less sunlight coming into the house leave accent lights on in order to highlight the best living areas. And, as tempted as you are to bring in all those Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving decorations, keep the seasonal touches simple. Forgo the ceramic pumpkins for a simple vase of fall leaves from your yard. It may, however, be time to get out that pumpkin brown sugar scented candle.

As far as curb appeal goes, stay on top of leaves and pine needles by raking every couple of days. When doing your fall foliage pruning, remove your cuttings to keep your homes’ exterior as neat looking as possible. If your container plants are looking spindly, it’s time to put the pots away. And if seasonal gourds and wreathes are your thing, remember that less is more for fall staging.


Turn up the heat! When potential buyers walk into your home from the winter cold, you want them to feel warm and at home. This feeling of warmth applies to both temperature and décor. Keep pre-holiday adornments to a minimum and especially mind the Christmas tree as you don’t want it to take up too much floor space. And all holiday décor comes down right after the holidays. During showings, keep lights on throughout the house, including the exterior lights. And for an extra special touch, consider serving hot drinks such as cider or spiced wine. The aroma will make your home smell wonderful.

Outside, make sure your sidewalks and driveway are cleared of snow regularly and there is sufficient cleared parking for potential buyers and agents.


Spring staging begins with a thorough spring-cleaning. Wipe down your walls, buff the floors and air out all the rooms. Spring staging means bright and cheery. Place fresh flowers throughout the home and, on warmer days, leave windows open to bring those nice spring aromas indoors. It’s especially important in the spring to clear off countertops and declutter closets and drawers. Buyers want to see clean, open areas that are move-in ready.

Outside, start with an early yard clean up and consider using a professional landscaper to hasten the process of getting your yard up to its full potential before the summer heat.


Just as you want your home to be warm in the winter you’ll want to crank up the air conditioning in the summer. If your McCall home doesn’t have A/C, as many homes in this area do not, remember to manage the indoor temp before a showing. Keep windows closed and south facing blinds down until just before buyers arrive. During a showing, window treatments should be open to let in natural light. In addition, play up outdoor living spaces to accentuate McCall’s beautiful summer climate.

Your summer landscaping should speak for itself. Keep your lawn mowed and green. Trim foliage from the bottom up and around windows so buyers can see your house and light can get in. And keep your flowerbeds and yard weed free.

Staging is an important step in selling your house and by staging for the seasons you will make your house even more attractive for buyers.