Is A New Price Bubble On The Way?

According to Wikipedia, a price bubble (or housing bubble for residential markets) is a type of economic bubble that occurs periodically in local or global real estate markets. It can be identified through rapid increases in valuations of real property such as housing until they reach unsustainable levels and then decline. Perhaps the best example… Read More

Enjoy Your Patio More Than Ever

It’s summertime and you are most likely spending a lot more time outside. When that time is spent on your patio, try these unconventional upgrades to make your summer BBQs that much more enjoyable! (It’s not going to hurt your curb appeal either.) 1. Lighting: Set the mood while upgrading from those old tiki torches… Read More

Live Auction Downtown Condos (SOLD)

SOLD Don’t miss this rare opportunity to name your price! Open outcry live public auction 2 Condos to be sold absolute regardless of price. These amazing homes are in the heart of downtown McCall, walk to the marina, restaurants, coffee shops, and shopping. One covered and one uncovered parking spaces for each condo. For more… Read More

To Sell Or Not To Sell

Do you find yourself thinking about whether or not to sell your house? Do you browse the MLS in your free time just to see what’s on the market? Does every house with a For Sale sign grab your attention? If so, it might just be time to sell. As you contemplate your decision, there… Read More

Advice for First-Time Home Buyers

Buying a house is possibly the largest purchase you will ever make. For first-time home buyers the process is both exciting and scary at the same time. While there is a lot to think about, the process need not be too difficult. Read on for advice from others who have been there before you. Be… Read More

FICO Announces New Credit Score Based on Alternative Data

From The Wall Street Journal * April 2, 2015 —– Fair Isaac Corp., the creator of the most widely used consumer credit scores, announced Thursday a new score intended to make millions of people who have had difficulty getting approved for financing creditworthy. The Wall Street Journal reported the creation of the new score, currently… Read More

Best Affordable House in the US…Look No Further Than the Boise Market

From Real Estate News * Apr 7, 2015 By: Erik Gunther Cue the confetti. Unfurl the streamers. The nation’s best affordable home hails fromBoise, ID. Interest in the two-story, 2,460-square-foot home in the suburb of Nampa propelled it through our brackets and on to a thrilling championship win over a charming ranch homein Detroit. What made… Read More

Market Looking Good Heading Into Busy Buying Season

Bloomberg Business recently published an article on how positive things are looking heading into this year’s busy home buying season. While the article refers to the nationwide market, it is closely consistent with McCall’s market as well. In a nutshell, here is the good news: Previously owned home sales were up in March by the… Read More

Mortgage Rates Remain Steady This Spring

Mortgage rates are ever-changing and it is hard to know whether to jump into a home now or wait a couple months to see if rates drop. But there’s also the chance that rates will rise. So what’s a potential homebuyer to do? Fortunately there are those who watch the market and have a handle… Read More

Renting vs. Buying in McCall

For the last few years renting a home has typically been less expensive than paying a mortgage. But with historically low mortgage rates and rising rent costs that trend may be shifting. In fact, rents are expected to rise even faster than home values in 2015 in McCall. But, the choice between renting and buying… Read More